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In Pursuit of Excellence


“To encourage, promote and engage in active and participatory endeavours of Community development through flexible and meaningful solutions in personal and professional health and balanced well-being."


Our Corporate Philosophy


Evaluate. Engage. Empower. Effect.


Our Mission


To help our clients capture the unique power of human behavior in order to improve their total health and well-being for life through supportive Community relationships.


Our Vision


We continually strive to be the premier provider of behavioral health solutions that engage people to enhance productivity, improve health, and reduce costs.


Our Beliefs


We believe that an individual’s lifestyle choices are the strongest predictors of a successful journey and in sustaining vibrant and progressive Communities.


Our Values


  • We engage and empower others to improve their behavioral health.

  • We evaluate and effect change in the health of our clients and organizations.

  • We listen to our clients, partners, affiliates, employees and Community.

  • We are committed to innovative thinking and creative solutions through collaborative networking and service provisions.

  • We support the notion that fun and happiness at work are critical ingredients for success and health.


Craig completed his undergraduate degree at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1989. Following graduation, he returned to his home in Northern Ontario and was employed with the local Child Welfare & Protection Authority.  Craig was familiar with the Agency as he had previously been employed as a Child Protection Worker Assistant and, upon attaining his Degree, was welcomed back as a full time, permanent CP Caseworker.


Throughout Craig's professional career, he has acted in a variety of roles and positions, from front-line to executive management, in later years.  He has extensive experience within the non-profit sector as well as Government services.  His skill development has been significantly influenced by his experiences gained within a wide scope of social service applications.  Some of these include:  child welfare, victim services, addictions, developmental disabilities, disability management and labour market re-entry (via WSIB), HIV/AIDS, child and family development, trauma-related crisis intervention, strategic planning, project management, change management and numerous others.


Craig is the founder and CEO of IMPRESSIONS Family Counselling Services and acts as the Corporation's President  of operations and administration. Continued expansion is underway as Craig seeks to develop a collaborative and consultative network of qualified therapists and practitioners, in numerous fields of practice, in which to continuously assess and meet the expanding mental health needs of our Community and its residents.

Craig is a proactive professional with 30+ years utilizing organizational development experience, project/case management capabilities, direct intervention services, public relations, departmental liaison, human resource skills and direct social work counselling.

Craig is skilled in applications of professional social work practice, case management, psychosocial and interdisciplinary evaluations and assessments, training and teaching, individual and group counselling, mediation, trauma intervention and crisis management, team leadership, behaviour management planning, staffing and related administrative and human resource duties.

With years of leadership and community experience, Craig is a high performing, accountable and ethical professional with demonstrated experience in leading, inspiring and influencing. He is recognized for his passionate intuitive leadership, community investment, stakeholder engagement, enthusiasm and exceptional ability to motivate and engage people in a comfortable and positive manner.

Craig is Provincially recognized and licensed as a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in British Columbia, Canada and a past member in good standing with the Alberta College of Social Workers and the Manitoba Institute of Registered Social Workers.  Additionally, Craig has been previously accredited as a Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP), although no longer serving in an active capacity within this specialty field of practice.


Craig is an active member of Psychology Today and their on-line Therapist Registry, located on the World Wide Web.


Recently, Craig has become an active member of World Wide Branding, a renowned international corporation specializing in the promotion and recognition of successful executives, professionals and entrepreneurs.  This exclusive registry has elected Craig to be the 2015 recipient of extraordinary achievement in his field of professional practice.


President & CEO

Mental Health Therapist


  • Board Strategic Development & Community Partnerships
  • Disability Case Management
  • WSIB:  Labour Market Re-Entry Case Management/Supervision
  • Child Welfare Abuse Investigations
  • Executive Operations and Administration
  • Community Public and Media Relations
  • Budgeting, Forecastng and Financial Accountability
  • Human Resource - Acquisition, Retention and Supervision
  • Safety & Security/Ethics and Legalities
  • Organizational Governance and Management
  • Child Welfare Protective Services
  • Adoption Services and Permanency Planning
  • Advance Teamwork, Leadership, Delegation, Motivational Skills
  • Project Management and Implementation Expertise
  • Crisis Management/Trauma Response
  • Curriculum & Program Development Management
  • Therapeutic Counselling and Consultation
  • Case Management and Supervision
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Contract Negotiations/Administration
  • Supervision and Organizational Leadership
  • Quality Assurance and Reporting
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Strategic Planning and Outcome Assurances
  • Project Management
  • Legislative Knowledge and Policy Development/Implementation
  • Executive relationship-building skills and effective inter-departmental/external stakeholder relationships


  • Offering 33+ years of direct experience in the social services field (29 year s as a RSW) with experience in providing clinical services, leadership, and case management to adults, children, and adolescents with a range of mental health concerns
  • Significant interest and knowledge in providing trauma counselling and critical incident management to employees, veterans, RCMP members, and firefighters, etc.
  • Skilled in a variety of counselling approaches such as individual therapy, couples therapy, family counselling and group therapy
  • Ability to deliver client centered therapy through the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Family Systems, Psychodynamic, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, and Narrative Therapy
  • Skilled in conducting bio-psychosocial assessments and developing individualized treatment plans for a range of mental health concerns such as suicide ideation, work-related stress, relational issues, mood and anxiety disorders, domestic violence, trauma, PTSD, and addictions
  • Strength in gaining rapport quickly with clients to assess during crisis situations and make appropriate safety plans and referrals, as necessary
  • Skilled in a variety of leadership roles, developing and maintaining effective teams and productive relations with colleagues
  • Exceptional problem solving capabilities and superior analytical skills through effective strategic thinking and acquired planning abilities, creativity, listening skills and time management practices
  • Advanced inter-personal and communication skills, and experienced in accounting and financial management, solid business judgment, quantitative skills, adaptability to changing organizational priorities and organizational processes with strong presentation, communication and mentoring/coaching experience


  • CPR-C/AED/First Aid, July 2019
  • R2MR: Road to Mental Readiness, May 2019
  • Motivational Interviewing - The RULES, PACE and OARS, May 2019
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Suicide Prevention, February 2019
  • Introduction to Gender-Based Analysis+, January 2019
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Insomnia, September 2018
  • Prevention of Violence in the Work Place (302633), September 2018
  • CFGSTC CFHIS Training: Security, Management and Good Practice in the Care and Control of Personal Health Information, September 2018
  • Canadian Armed Forces 101 for Civilians (300057), September 2018
  • Introduction to Defence Ethics (300063), August 2018
  • DND/CAF Information Management (301746), August 2018
  • CPR Level C with AED, June 2018
  • Protection Against Family Violence Act, April 2012
  • Legislation Structure and Processes I, April 2012
  • Legislation Structure and Processes II, June 2012
  • Managing Information at Work, April 2012
  • Legal Court Processes, August 2012
  • Information Security, April 2012
  • Critical Thinking in Action, April 2012
  • Casework Practice Considerations, April 2012
  • Policies, Procedures and Quality Assurance, September 2007
  • Personal Outcome Measures, September 2006
  • Risk Assessment, October 2006
  • Safe Management, October 2006
  • Social Role Valorization, September 2006
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention, October 2006
  • Service Excellence, April 2003
  • Demonstrating Program Achievements, October 2003
  • Effective Mentoring Skills, March 2003
  • Financial Accountability, February 2002
  • Legal Issues Affecting Non-Profit Community Boards of Directors, February 2002
  • Building Trusting Relationships, December 1999
  • Calling on Corporate Canada, October 1999
  • Common Assessment Training, November 1999
  • Labour Market Re-entry Assessment & Evaluation, July 1999
  • FCSS Directors' Provincial Conference, February/November 1988



Social Services Professional

Office Administrator

Cathy semi-retired in February 2020 after a long-standing and rewarding career in health services, specifically with persons with disabilities where she has practiced in residential settings for a number of decades.

Cathy has also practiced professionally in addiction services in the Province of Manitoba and has established herself as a reputable, experienced, and effective clinical member of the treatment team.

At present, Cathy provides administrative and organizational supports and services with IMPRESSIONS FCS Inc. and provides efficient and essential office services, and client support provisions.


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